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Most people see progress in just one session and great results in four weeks. It’s so effective that we train other doctors too!

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Humble Beings

Dr Helen McCarthy ( author of the appetite doctor)

My session with Dr Ashish was an amazing experience. He brought a mix of emotional openness, medical expertise and spiritual energy (I don't know what else to call it) to helping me improve my physical health and wellbeing. Along the way he managed to impart really helpful wisdom which I've thought much about since. Can't wait to go back to learn more!

Humble Teams

Mrs N H

I just want to say that I am so glad I signed up for Dr B’s well-being team course... from the first week I have learned tools to help me feel more relaxed and realise that I do already have a good life and can make it wonderful. Ash makes you feel soo relaxed and there is absolutely no pressure to reveal anything you don't want to, that said, the atmosphere is so relaxed and 'safe' you end up sharing things you never thought you would... My sleep has improved with the 10 steps he has taught me and Im dealing with the stresses in my life in a better more controlled way. I have honestly found this course a real eye opener and feel it is relevant to both adults and children alike who struggle with confidence issues and stress. Thank you Ash.

Humble Students

Ross Orton, (Deputy Headteacher, Pucklechurch Primary School, Bristol, BS16 9RF)

Dr Bhatia has visited our school on a number of occasions and delivered excellent and informative sessions on subjects which are fundamental to our children’s wellbeing. His sessions on sleep, conducted for our Year 6 cohort before their SATs provided a fantastic insight into the importance of routines and self-care needed to be successful learners. The sessions were interactive and involved practical activities that the children completed with enthusiasm between the sessions. Teachers, also present at the sessions, also benefited from the strategies presented by Dr Bhatia and I have no doubt that lots of our children internalised these and changed their sleep behaviours as a consequence.

Dr Bhatia is calm, patient and warm, with a natural presence in front of children, quickly winning trust and engagement. His delivery, coupled with his medical knowledge and his belief in the importance of general proactive wellbeing, has led us to rely on his services regularly as a strong addition to our PSHE provision at school.

Humble Organisations

Lees Architects LLP

My team responded immediately and after just a few weeks there is no doubt that our productivity has improved and the atmosphere in our workplace is all the better for it. My team looks forward to Dr B’s visits and always takes something positive from the sessions, whether it be a bonding exercise or a useful piece of information that helps in improving sleep patterns. I gladly fund the sessions as I believe that it is contributing to improving the quality of the lives of my staff. I would happily recommend Dr Bhatia’s Really Well Being sessions if you want to actively help your staff to achieve a balanced, more productive and happier life.

Humble Sleep

Mr A G

Dr Bhatia has given me the skills and tools to regain control over my sleep. I feel so well educated in what I can do to improve my quality of sleep - and it works! It is amazing! Thank you!



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