The Humble way

Your journey is unique and you are not alone. Together we can make it meaningful and fun. Our way is …

Because easy does it

Combining evidence and experience

Because this moment matters

So we bring out the best in each other

The Humble way
Explained in 3 minutes

Holistic quartets

At the heart of Humble is presence because we are simply present together in 4 easy steps.


Along the way, we bring out the BEST by working with our Bodies, Experiences, Situations and Teams.

  • Bodies

  • Sleep
  • Nourish
  • Move
  • Soothe
  • Experiences

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Actions
  • Meanings
  • Situations

  • Home
  • Play
  • Work
  • Away
  • Team

  • Me
  • We
  • Between
  • Beyond

Step one:

Start where you are

The best place to start is where we are with kindness and honesty. So, we take some time to understand ourselves and our situation, aiming to be relaxed and ready for the adventures ahead.

Step two:

Choose what really matters

We become empowered when we choose what really matters, clarifying our purpose, priorities and process.

This may involve honest conversations, acceptance of uncertainty, recognition of responsibility and periods of rest.

Humility helps us hold our experience of choice lightly, enabling us to accept and work with what we’ve got.

Step three:

Do what really helps

Doing what’s “right“ may not seem easy, expedient or be what’s expected at the time. It may feel unfamiliar, unfair and uncomfortable. By accepting and working with what we’ve got, we make it easy to design, refine and do what brings out the BEST.

Step four:


Good work is not always hard work, so we make time to relax and shine. As we celebrate both effort and achievement we are nourished by the journey. This optimises both our performance and experience and helps us feel relaxed and ready when it is time to move on.


Every BODY needs to sleep, eat, move and soothe. When done well we thrive, and if neglected we struggle. Despite our best intentions sometimes our habits may not be healthy. By understanding what we do depends on motivation, ability and prompts we can help you harness healthy habits, making it easier to live well, feel alive and do good.

  • Sleep
  • Nourish
  • Move
  • Soothe


Experiences emerge through our thoughts, feelings, stories and meanings. They influence our mindset (how we see and act in the world). Through compassionate understanding, we can work with the mechanics and mysteries of our minds to accept, learn and be empowered by these experiences.

  • Thoughts
  • Feelings
  • Stories
  • Meanings


We shape and are shaped by our rhythms and environments. Technology has radically transformed these in recent years, thus challenging us to respond creatively and compassionately. We need to balance our times at home, work, rest and play as well as wild places that take our breath away. Together we can create supportive spaces and healthy routines that naturally nourish us.

  • Home
  • Play
  • Work
  • Away


You are unique and you are not alone. We are connected by our relationships, dancing with the different aspects of ourselves, each other, nature and the unknown.

This has challenges and, like it or not, we are on the same team, so how we relate matters. Together we can celebrate our similarities and differences to nurture harmonious relationships.

  • Me
  • We
  • Between
  • Beyond


At the heart of Humble is presence. It is so simple that its value is often overlooked like the air we breathe.

Yet when recognised it offers us a sense of stillness, centre and connection, like the hub of a turning wheel.

Whatever our differences, it is presence that we all share, so we aim to be simply present together.

The Evidence

When we understand the evidence we can apply it intuitively with kindness and honesty.

Science made simple

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough - Albert Einstein

Science is the art of making better mistakes, so good science is humble, honest, courageous and evolving. It helps us understand the evidence (balancing the limitations and biases) and inspires us to apply it well.

When we live well, we feel alive and do good

It seems so obvious and the science supports this too. Potentially 70% of deaths are attributable to reversible lifestyle factors, (how we eat, sleep, move, and soothe). [a] [g] [p]

Thus simple lifestyle changes can equate to: Living longer, with 10 more healthy (disease free) years.[d] Feeling better, because lifestyle and mental health are connected. [f] Doing better, because lifestyle influences performance.[o] And because this flows in a virtuous cycle, even small improvements matter, so when we do good, we feel alive and live well too.

Common sense is not common practice…yet.

Let’s just look at sleep. The World Health Organisation has identified a sleep crisis. 70% of people are short sleeping (2 hours less than recommended) and most of us don’t even know it.

This increases the risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer, dementia, heart attacks, strokes, infections, accidents, mental health and fertility issues, with a 13% inc risk of mortality! [h]

It also reduces our performance, costing us on average £830 per person/yr and uk economy 50 Billion GDP! [3]. The good news is now we can do better.

It’s not too late!

We are all doing our best but modern stresses like smart phones, social needs, stimulants, sedentary lifestyles, snacking, artificial lighting and shift work make it harder to do what helps.

Studies have shown that simple lifestyle modifications even in later life can reverse many diseases, we have designed effective ways to help you do it. [g]

So would you be willing to try something new that could help bring out the best in you?

What brings out your BEST?

We have researched and found 4 essential areas for us to thrive and really simple ways to help you do it.

Bodies because our lifestyle matters.
Experiences because our mindset matters.
Situations because our environments matter.
Teams because our relationships matter.

Easy does it, keep it simple

Life feels good when our behaviours (what we do) helps us achieve our goals (what really matters). This may be hard because of challenging situations and unhelpful habits. (eg a phone notification prompts us to surf the net rather than go to sleep). [i] Our behaviours are influenced by our motivation (our drive to do it), our ability (how easy it is) and our prompt (what reminds us to do it). Because this often happens without us noticing, we aim to make it easier for you to shape your situations, remember your goals, do what really helps and feel good about doing your best, so it soon becomes a healthier habit. [m] [n]

Enjoying it

Enjoying what we do boosts our health, wellbeing and performance as well as making healthy changes sustainable and inspirational. [j]

Also, if it’s not fun what’s the point? We use the latest insights from mindset and performance optimisation to transform problems into opportunities and frustrations into friends [k] [l].


Team working works, so we combine our years of experience in guiding individuals, teams, schools and organisations with your many skills too. By collaborating we bring out the best in each other. [q][r]

It pays to be healthy

It’s well recognised that health, wellbeing, and performance can flow in a virtuous cycle. So it makes economic and ethical sense to invest in health. [o]


No one wants to be trapped, so we don’t define you by your past or limit your future. We see your beauty and potential and share A MAP of success. Acceptance , Mastery Agency and Purpose are 4 evidence-based, empowering qualities that we develop on our adventures together, with the simple aim of setting you free.[x]

The evidence for presence

At the heart of Humble is presence. As simple as it sounds when we are present together we respond well, transforming and transcending our circumstances. [t][u][v]

Research and publications

Finally, there is much to learn so we aim to keep on improving. We audit our work and are engaged in research, presentations and publications, sharing insights and innovations with our communities.[s][x]



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