Humble Organisations harness the help they need to do good. Investing in their Leadership, Interactions, Teams and Environments they LITE the way for themselves and others too.

Healthier, happier and performing better

Is your organisation doing good?

Humble organisations aim to do well themselves and do good for others too. There may be challenges so their foundations need to be strong and their vision clear. They see challenges as opportunities to improve what they do. This helps them adapt and thrive, not just survive.

LITE the way

Your organisation can LITE the way by investing in:

  • Leadership
    Clarifying your purpose, priorities and possibilities.
  • Interactions
    Following your path and refining your processes.
  • Teams
    Supporting your teams & clients, cultivating health, communication, collaboration and creativity
  • Environments
    Creating healthy spaces to work, rest and play

Bring out your best in 4 simple steps

Start where you are

Choose what really matters

Do what really helps

…and Relax

As simple as they sound, these steps are grounded in scientific principles and experience. We have worked successfully with public and private organisations and would love to help you too.

It pays to be healthy

A healthy and happy organisation improves its teams’ productivity and enriches its environments - which feeds back in a virtuous cycle.

We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to change, so we work with what you’ve got and nurture humble wins from within. Because when you bring out the best in just one, it brings out the best in the rest.

See results and work effectively






Improved wellbeing scores

After 4 weeks
Above 66% is good health






Improved sleep scores

After 4 weeks



of attendees would recommend


So lets get started

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Work well together… and relax

We have worked with

Humble Organisations

Jonathan Lees

My team responded immediately and after just a few weeks there is no doubt that our productivity has improved and the atmosphere in our workplace is all the better for it. My team looks forward the sessions and always takes something positive from them, whether it be a bonding exercise or a useful piece of information that helps in improving sleep patterns. I gladly fund the sessions as I believe that it is contributing to improving the quality of the lives of my staff.

Humble Organisations

Wayne de Leeuw​Chief Executive Dorothy House Hospice Care

Dr Bhatia provided online sleep and well-being support and resources for our staff. We are an organisation with over 400 staff and another 1,100 volunteers and recognise the value of promoting the health and wellbeing of our team.

The team who were able to attend were unanimous in that they found Dr Bhatia's session informative, engaging, enjoyable and practical too. His passion for the work and the impact on our wellbeing was infectious and enhanced the whole session immeasurably. The additional resources were also very helpful. Many of my staff reported how it helped them with their sleep health and performance and a few months in I know colleagues are still applying much of what they learnt on the day. I look forward to organising more sessions with Dr Bhatia and the Humble team.

Humble Organisations

Mrs V CEO of wonky films.

I juggle work as CEO of a busy firm with a vibrant family life. Dr Bhatia helped my team and I focus on easy-to-adapt aspects of our daily routine that we could implement straight away to achieve immediate results. Thé transformation started literally over night. Slight changes to our lifestyle habits formed the first step which improved not only our concentration throughout the day but sleep which, in turn, further increased our work efficiency. This has led to improvements in both my business and team's sense of well being. I'm delighted to say we are still reaping the benefits in the long term.

Humble Organisations

[Professor Trevor Thompson, Professor of Primary Care Education, University of Bristol]

Dr Ashish Bhatia? Where to start? I have worked with Ashish for ten years through the Bristol University Medical School. I have watched him develop his craft through experimentation, heartfulness and hard graft. Ashish is devoted to bringing out the best in patients, students and colleagues through a wide range of techniques. He is widely read and ready to incorporate new ideas from established sources as well as continually evolving his own unique contributions. I have found him an excellent innovator and team-player, ready to bend his considerable talents to a variety of projects we have thrown at him - most saliently the "Lifestyle Conversations Project" in which he is a lead researcher. Blending scientific evidence with experiential pizzazz - I'd say any individual or organisations is in safe hand with Ashish. Prepare to change!



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