Humble students harness the help they need to learn and thrive. We work together to bring out the BEST by developing healthy bodies, experiences, situations and teams.

Live well, learn and thrive

The challenge

Whatever our age or situation we are all facing challenges, learning and growing.

Students face particular challenges balancing the intensity of education with other aspects of life, especially mental health when working online.

The good news is that by optimising wellbeing, results improve too; because when we live well, we learn and do better.

Humble students

We have adapted our approaches specifically to promote student health and performance.

We have supported students and staff in schools, universities and mature learners too.

We even teach GPs!

Perhaps we can help you too?

We combine our experience in optimal health and learning methods with your experience of what works for you / your students. Our methods are:

  • Secure
  • Affirming
  • Fun
  • Empowering

How do we do it?

We begin by making safe spaces for adventurous learners, and then help students learn to LEAP.

  • Look
    See the situation without judgement or expectation
  • Enquire
    Question and focus attention on what’s important.
  • Attempt
    Set up, try, adapt and rest so you can enjoy doing your best.
  • Pause
    Take some time to relax and shine before looking forward to the next challenge.

Do what really helps

Our resources are adaptable to suit the needs of individual students. We aim to empower so the skills they learn serve them well for the rest of their lives.

See results and work effectively



Improved sleep scores

Improved physical and mental health



Improved wellbeing scores

confident and competent


So lets get started

Click the link below and answer a few simple questions. Then relax and we will do the rest.

Learn to leap and love to learn

We have worked with

Humble Students

Ross Orton, (Deputy Headteacher, Pucklechurch Primary School, Bristol, BS16 9RF)

Dr Bhatia is calm, patient and warm, with a natural presence in front of children, quickly winning trust and engagement. His delivery, coupled with his medical knowledge and his belief in the importance of general proactive wellbeing, has led us to rely on his services regularly as a strong addition to our PSHE provision at school.

Humble Students

Mrs C Bull, (parent)

My children's experiences of surfing stress and sleep wellbeing sessions have really helped them to understand, recognise and manage their own emotions around these issues. Thanks to the clear, easy to follow approach, both have a much greater understanding of what stress is and how to use it in a positive way. The sessions on sleep gave my children an appreciation of why we need good quality sleep and they were very keen to share the techniques they learnt to help us all achieve it. We all still use these techniques regularly.

Humble Students

Peter, Student

Dr Bhatia has visited our school on a number of occasions and delivered excellent and informative sessions on subjects which are fundamental to our children’s wellbeing. His sessions on sleep, conducted for our Year 6 cohort before their SATs provided a fantastic insight into the importance of routines and self-care needed to be successful learners. The sessions were interactive and involved practical activities that the children completed with enthusiasm between the sessions. Teachers, also present at the sessions, also benefited from the strategies presented by Dr Bhatia and I have no doubt that lots of our children internalised these and changed their sleep behaviours as a consequence.

Humble Students

Fabienne Vailles, (Author of The flourishing student)

I connected with Dr Bhatia because of our mutual interest in human flourishing and student and staff well being….he is extremely caring, compassionate and effective.

Humble Students

[Professor Trevor Thompson, Professor of Primary Care Education, University of Bristol]

Ashish Bhatia? Where to start? I have worked with Ashish for ten years through the Bristol University Medical School. I have watched him develop his craft through experimentation, heartfulness and hard graft. Ashish is devoted to bringing out the best in patients, students and colleagues through a wide range of techniques. He is widely read and ready to incorporate new ideas from established sources as well as continually evolving his own unique contributions. I have found him an excellent innovator and team-player, ready to bend his considerable talents to a variety of projects we have thrown at him - most saliently the "Lifestyle Conversations Project" in which he is a lead researcher. Blending scientific evidence with experiential pizzazz - I'd say any individual or organisations is in safe hand with Ashish. Prepare to change!

Humble Students

Robert Thomas

I thoroughly enjoyed being tutored by Dr Bhatia in my course during the summer. I can confidently say that I have never had a tutor like Ashish and I say that with the utmost positivity. His teaching was both interactive and enthusiastic. All while us all to come up with answers to problems and think on our feet. If I ever had any queries or problems, he was always there to help and gave genuine answers that he had taken care to think about. I only have positive things to say about him!

Humble Students

Lucy willis

There is nobody as enthusiastic and knowledgeable about this sleep than Dr Bhatia. He encourages discussion, whilst teaching key concepts, as well as allowing exploration of your own thoughts and questions. Ashish is incredibly approachable and the enjoyment he has for teaching is evident throughout. His engagement in turn activates his students into thinking in a similar way and dedicating their time and efforts as he does. There is never a dull moment and optimising learning and experience is clearly a top priority for him. There is never a dull moment and some of his teaching does take you out of your comfort zone, but from personal experience, it does work long term. Thank you Ashish for such a great project!

Humble Students

Ryan Cheung

Dr Bhatia has great understanding of sleep and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. During the six weeks of remote tutorials, he provided me with great insight into the importance of sleep. I particularly enjoyed the discussions he initiated among our group which was stimulating and intriguing. I believe a good teacher could pass on his interests to his students with great enthusiasm, Dr Bhatia certainly is one. Dr Bhatia would be the perfect candidate to provide sleep support for your students.

Humble Students

William Alison

I had the pleasure of being taught by Dr Bhatia during my second year for ‘effective consulting’ and also my third year for ‘student choice’. The style of Dr Bhatia’s teaching is something which makes him stand out from other tutors I have had. An open relaxed environment is created with “check-ins”, making students feel cared for and listened to. Regular breaks are implemented allowing students to perform at their best and also at the end of a session any feedback is welcomed warmly by Dr Bhatia. I hope to encounter more of his teaching in the future.



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