Humble teams harness the help they need to work well together. We aim to support your teams by nurturing healthy individuals and productive working relationships.

Humble teams work well together

What it means to be a Humble team

Good teams don’t always agree, but they do work well together. This takes practice especially when working in difficult circumstances and online. In Humble teams people cultivate the skills they need to bring out the best themselves and each other.

Are you working well together?

All teams face challenges balancing the needs and abilities of the individuals, the groups and their goals. These challenges can be harnessed as opportunities to improve and grow if we let the energy flow.

Trapped energy

Flowing energy

Let your energy flow

When we work well together our energy flows. We can focus our efforts, learn to harmonise, optimise by transforming ourselves and our situations, and relax when the work is done.

  • Focus by finding your purpose and process
  • Harmonise by aligning your efforts effectively
  • Transform by working on what’s important now
  • Release by taking some time to relax and shine

Perhaps we can help?

You team is unique so we get to know who you are, how you work and what you need. We offer:

Experience, having worked with the NHS, educational and corporate sectors.

Specialised resources designed specifically for team health and performance.

Personalised packages tailored to just to suit you.

Ongoing support and optional 1:1 support too.

See results and feel alive

Just like you we monitor and strive to improve what we do. Here are some of our results:






Improved sleep scores

After 4 weeks






Improved wellbeing scores

After 4 weeks
Above 66% is good health



of attendees would recommend


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Work well together… and relax

We have worked with

Humble Teams

Mrs N H

I just want to say that I am so glad I signed up for Dr B’s well-being team course... from the first week I have learned tools to help me feel more relaxed and realise that I do already have a good life and can make it wonderful. Ash makes you feel soo relaxed and there is absolutely no pressure to reveal anything you don't want to, that said, the atmosphere is so relaxed and 'safe' you end up sharing things you never thought you would... My sleep has improved with the 10 steps he has taught me and Im dealing with the stresses in my life in a better more controlled way. I have honestly found this course a real eye opener and feel it is relevant to both adults and children alike who struggle with confidence issues and stress. Thank you Ash.

Humble Teams

Mrs W H

I feel so lucky to be a part of it. I have learnt so much and feel inspired.

Humble Teams

Mr J M

I would recommend this service to everyone because I felt really happy every time I was in the session because we just had fun and felt part of a great team. I can see what we are able to achieve together.

Humble Teams

Mr A L

I felt the session very positive, optimistic and motivated. Everyone was so friendly and we worked really well together.

The course reinforces a lot of the things I already knew and simply made them easier to do. It provided me with lots of new tools to help me live well.

Humble Teams

Mr T S

I enjoyed being part of a group. It felt a bit strange at first, especially all being online. I was glad that everyone felt comfortable contributing and it felt to me like we were all in the same boat. In the session I felt a sense of camaraderie. We seemed more confident to make helpful suggestions to one another.

Humble Teams


‘Dr Bhatias’ unique and integrated, holistic approach to developing practical and effective methods of addressing all aspects of well-being both physical and mental, is refreshing and ties in nicely with my own way of life.

Humble Teams


His calm, kind and professional methods work well in the workplace environment and although our team have only had a handful of sessions with him, I can already see and feel an improvement in team spirit, morale and overall productivity. Thankyou Dr B!’

Humble Teams


I have found sessions with Dr B insightful, allowing me to see the bigger picture in regards to my concerns or worries. I have also seen my ability to deal with issues both inside and outside of work improve, particularly by practicing methods taught by Dr B. I look forward to the upcoming sessions.

Humble Teams


Dr B is a refreshing positive influence in our workplace who helps unify us as a team to come together for nourishing our wellbeing both at home and at work.

Humble Teams


‘I feel like everyone in the office gets a lot out of our FLOW sessions with Dr B. He always restores a sense of calm, positivity and optimism. It feels good to collectively reflect and discuss how we can work together well as a team’.

Humble Teams


'The sessions have been really thought-provoking and have helped re-iterate and strengthen the simpler ideals and methods that are easily forgotten in busy lives, ones that can really make a difference. The sessions are all given in a kind, interesting and positive way.'

Humble Teams


I would happily recommend Dr Bhatia’s Really Well Being sessions if you want to actively help your staff to achieve a balanced, more productive and happier life.



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